The Legend Is Born


The legend of El Chupacabra begins when goats, chickens, cats, rabbits, dogs and all manner of animal start turning up dead, mutilated and drained of blood, in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. Whilst it appears that the name ‘El Chupacabras’ only surfaces in the 1990s, records of such as beast date back to the 1970s in the Puerto Rican legends ‘El Vampiro de Moca’. This legend is strikingly similar to the descriptions of El Chupacabras where tales tell of a vampire creature is persistently and mercilessly mutilating livestock and draining them completely dry of blood.

According to UFO Magazine (March/April 1996) there have been more than 2,000 reported cases of animal mutilations in Puerto Rico attributed to the Chupacabra.

Very few people claim to have seen El Chupacabra with their own two eyes. Less than a dozen people in fact. There are various descriptions from multiple witnesses of what the Chupacabra actually looks like, but common characteristics seems to be present throughout each descriptions. The first eyewitness account of the creature was given by Madelyne Tolentino in a Puerto Rican newspaper. According to these descriptions El Chupacabras is said to stand at around 4-5 feet tall and has incredibly powerful legs which allow it to leap huge distances. Hellish red eyes that peer into your very soul, terrifying, razor-sharp claws which are said to be more than 12 inches long and can rip a man in half like a hot knife through butter. Huge spikes are said run down it’s spine to complete the hellish look and install complete and utter fear in those who are unfortunate enough to be close enough witness the beast.

In other cases, witnesses have described the creature as a small imp like-alien, a half-dinosaur half-vampire with quills or spikes spanning the length of its spine; others describe it as a catlike creature, like a panther, with a long snake-like tongue. Others give descriptions of a hopping animal covering huge distances of more than 20ft, that leaves a trail of sulfuric stench in its wake. Some argue that it is an unidentified species of dinosaur that has survived the ages and is yet unknown to us.

Some people are convinced that the strange and inexplicable wounds inflicted on animals that have been attributed to the Chupacabras are of extra-terrestrial origin. However, they explain that the mutilations are not attributed to the aliens themselves, but rather to their pets or experiments which have gone wrong. In UFO culture these creatures are known as Anomalous Biological Entities [ABEs].

Where did it come from? The Theories


There are many theories about where the Chupacabras came from, some say that it has existed since the creation of heaven and earth, expunged from the depths of hell by the devil himself, sent to earth to terrorise and mutilate innocent souls.

Another theory is that the Chupacabras is the product of a top-secret US experimental genetics program gone wrong, with the laboratories being based in the dense forests of Puerto Rico to avoid any unwanted attention. Jorge Martin is a leading UFO researcher from Puerto Rico who has investigated and followed the Chupacabras case closely over the years. He goes on to explain how El Chupacabras could well be a US/Puerto Rican government conspiracy with recent reports being brought to his attention by reliable sources. These reports contain evidence which suggest that the US, working alongside the Puerto Rican government, have captured two or more of the creatures.

Martin continues to offer another feasible theory on the Chupacabras:

“The ABEs can also be the product of highly sophisticated genetic manipulations by human agencies. A Chinese-Russian scientist by the name of Dr. Tsian Kanchen, has produced genetic manipulations which have created new species of electronically-crossed plant and animal organisms. Kanchen developed an electronic system whereby he can pick up the bioenergetic field of the DNA of living organisms and transfer it electronically to other living organisms. By these means he has created incredible new breeds of ducks/chickens, with physical characteristics of both species; goats/rabbits, and new breeds of plants such as corn/wheat, peanut/sunflower seeds and cucumber/watermelons. These are produced by linking the genetic data of different living organisms contained in their bioenergetic fields by means of ultra-high frequencies biological linking. If the Russians have created this technology, then without doubt the US and other powers have too. Therefore, it is quite possible that the “Chupacabras” or ABEs could have been developed by humans.”

Martin then goes on to explain that within the reports delivered to him, there is substantial evidence to support the theory of a US/Puerto Rican coverup:

“The genetic analysis so far has revealed that the blood is in no way compatible with human blood nor with any animal species known to science. The traces ratio of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium are incompatible with those of normal human blood, they are much too high. The albumen/glouline [RG ratio] was also incompatible. The ratios found do not allow the results of the analysis to be compatible with those of any known animal species.

At present, we can’t place the sample with any earthly organism. Therefore it could well be the product of a highly sophisticated genetic manipulation, an organism alien to our own environment or perhaps extra-terrestrial.”

Whilst Martins claims that his theory should not be discounted, others suggest that El Chupacabras is in fact an extra-terrestrial brought here by another race many moons ago. It has also been suggested that the creature is the sole remnant of an ancient species that inhabited earth long before the first humans roamed. The most terrifying theory however is the suggestion that El Chupacabras is the embodiment of God’s wrath due to his great disappointment in his children, sent to punish those who have strayed too far from God.